"Investing For The New Millennium"



Stewart B. McGehee is the president and portfolio manager of McGehee Capital Management, Inc. After attending the University of Colorado, Stewart graduated from the University of Arizona in 1982. While preparing for the investment advisors licensing exams he obtained the highest scores of all his classmates.

Indeed, Stewart seems to to be natural investor. Since high school, when the Dow languished around 800, the financial markets have been Stewart's passion. Over the last 30 years he has developed the propreitary market timing tool, "The McGehee Trend-Turn Indicator."

In 1995 Stewart started publishing THE MCGEHEE REPORT. The healthy returns recorded caught investors eyes and Stewart was asked to participate in The Arkansas Times, "Dueling Stock Pickers" contest were his portfolio was up 53% for the year. Soon subscribers asked him to manage their accounts, and after obtaining the required licensing, opened McGehee Capital Management, Inc. in 1999. Stewart has been quoted in Barron's magazine, The Bull and Bear Report, The Dick Davis Digest,, and several on-line sites.

Having never worked for a brokerage firm Stewart has been able to think "Outside The Box." While it becomes more and more obvious that brokerage firms have a hidden agenda( i.e. investment banking for companies make-up 80% of their profits; ENRON debacle over levered investment firms), Stewart has studied what makes stocks go up. This allows McGehee Capital management to look after the "Client First", not the brokerage firm.

This is the only objective at both MCGEHEE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, Inc. We would like very much to do business with you! Please e-mail or call us today for a money management Brochure.