"Investing For The New Millennium"

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Stewart B. McGehee
  McGehee Capital Management, Inc.
521 President Clinton Ave. Suite 1204
Little Rock, AR. 72201

The firm is headed by president and portfolio manager Stewart B McGehee. Stewart has been quoted in Barron's magazine, Advisors Digest, The Dick Davis Digest, The Bull and Bear Report, and several online sites. His portfolio management has lead to stock market returns over the years.. In 1997 he participated in the Arkansas Times' "Dueling Stock Pickers", where his portfolio advanced 53% for the year.

McGehee Capital Management, Inc. is a completely independent advisory firm and receives no compension for recommending certain securities. We cater to our clients first and foremost -WE ARE FIDUCIARIES! We want to keep our clients in business, because they keep US in business!


McGehee Capital Management believes there are several trends that will effect our lives from day to day and our investment philosophy for the foreseeable future. This should guide most people toward certain industry sectors in the investment universe. First, is technology. In the early 2000s the technology sector experienced a cyclical downturn. In our opinion however, their is little doubt technology will be a major driver for the world economy. The second sector, and maybe the most significant is global expansion and the emerging market as more and more peoples yearn to move into a modern society, there is a global run for commodities. Last, but not least, is the fact that we are all getting a little older. This should lead to a strong performance by the medical sector as new pharmaceuticals and procedures are discovered every day. McGehee Capital Management will of course invest in other sectors, but will concentrate in these areas until they change.


The focus of Stewart's stock selections are based on technical chart readings, sound fundamental analysis, valuations, cyclical tendencies, and most importantly his proprietary timing tool, "The McGehee Trend-Turn Indicator." This is a proprietary market timing tool, developed by Stewart McGehee over the last 30 years. During market down turns we usually raise cash. We even take it one step further and might put a small portion of the portfolio in a short position. While we are usually invested in US traded stocks on the longside, we also use ETFs (exchange traded funds) especially during corrections.

Although past peformance is no guarantee of future results, McGehee Capital Management is dedicated to using these criteria in the future to continue selecting stocks which over the long-term have above average potential for market beating returns.